(Senior and Youth team)

 Devils are registered as an official club.


Floorball is a fast and exciting game that promotes end-to-end plays with quick transitions and fluid game play. The rules stress the importance of safety and sportsmanship and are designed to limit the chance of injury without decreasing the speed or skill of the game.

​Floorball: is one of the fastest growing sports across the world, a type of indoor hockey, is a team sport game, is a hybrid version of ice-hockey and the basic setup is similar to ice/floor hockey with six players on each team including a goalkeeper.


​​What is floorball?

​Below is a brief summary of the rules of floorball:

• Stick must remain below waist
• Ball is played below knee level at all times
• No body contact, no blocking/screening of opposing players
• Stick-on-body contact or stick-on-stick contact is not permitted
• No hitting, lifting or pinning of opponents’ stick
• Free hits similar to a free kick in soccer are given for minor rule infractions
• No offside or icing calls
• Game is played with five players and one goalie per team on the court at a time.​

The Club is now affiliated to UK Floorball Federation.




We will be starting a Floorball Club at Dunblane High School for S1 - S3 on a Thursday afternoon from 4.15 - 5.15 starting 23rd January 2020.


We will also run a floorball event on a Wednesday afternoon 4 pm - 6 pm at Dunblane High School for the three Primary Schools in Dunblane in 2020.


These have been organised with the help of Active Stirling


There is no floorball training on the 21st November or 12th December 2019. Our last session is the 5th December 2019

Every Thursday 

Time: 6 pm - 7 pm (Juniors Under 13)

          7 pm - 8 pm (Seniors 13 +)

Venue: Dunblane High School

During school term only


For the S1 players there will be Scotland U16 Training in Hawick with Craig the Scotland Coach


There is a National Youth Floorball Cup which takes place at Cambridge University on the 13th and 14th June 2020 and I would like too enter a team at Under 13 level.


There is also a tournament called the United World Games on the 25th – 28th JUNE 2020 IN KLAGENFURT, AUSTRIA which would be great to go along to.


I would be interested in everyone’s opinion before entering a team and would need help to get these planned, managed and funded.

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